Projects for children affected by migration

 Proiecte pentru copii afectați de migrație

In Romania, children are affected by migration in different ways: some children migrate with their parents or are left at home, while others return or come here for the first time from conflict-ridden countries. Together with our partners, we make sure that Roma migrant students are integrated into the educational system of their host countries.  To facilitate the integration of refugee children in Romania, we get them involved in educational, social and sports activities and connect them with the young people here.

projects about migration in 2020
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Terre des hommes  Foundation is setting up in Bucharest a center equipped with 3D technology, especially for Ukrainian children and young people, but also open to Romanian children and young people. They will all be able to follow three-dimensional printing workshops, exploring their own talents…
We don't give grades or marks to children at the Summer School, but we firmly believe that our participants are a 10! The animators, volunteers and trainers of the Summer School that Terre des hommes Foundation organizes for Ukrainian children until 31 August 2022 at the Palatul Universul…
  Terre des hommes is looking for an external evaluator for the project Misto Avilean ((in romani, Welcome) Migration = Integration: Service Transfer Optimisation — MISTO” funded by the European Union, “Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)” Please see the complete Terms of…
Terre des hommes in Romania is launching a Call for filming services for the BRIDGE project (Building Relationships through Innovative Development of Gender-Based Violence Awareness in Europe). Deadline to apply: September 11th 2020 Deadline to deliver the final product: September 30th 2020…


Leaflet developed at the initiative of Terre des hommes Foundation in Romania under the BRIDGE Project, funded from the ”Rights, Equality and Citizenship” Programme of the European Union (2014-2020).  The contents of this leaflet represent the views of the author only and are his/her exclusive…