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By volunteering

As a volunteer for the projects of the Romanian delegation of Terre des hommes, you will improve your leadership and negotiation skills,  get to know new cultures,  and participate in social, cultural, and physical activities. Most of all you will help children, directly or indirectly, depending on the project. And you will have fun !

We often involve young volunteers in our childcare projects, so follow our news section or our Facebook page for news. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Terre des hommes Foundation



Support from companies

Our projects in Romania are funded by institutional donors and other private foundations, but we are also interested in collaborations with the business sector. Since we try to help more children in Romania and improve our projects, we need more money or expertise.

The business sector could offer us either direct donations,  services or sponsorships. For example, companies can offer us services such as auditing, design for materials and brochures or sponsorships for events (catering, event spaces). We could offer from our experience, instead. If you would like to discuss this topic, please contact us.

On the other hand, if you own a company, you can direct to us 20% of its profit tax (i.e., 20% of the 16% paid to the state).

Redirection procedure: together we will draw up a sponsorship contract. The company completes it, then  sends it to us in two signed and stamped copies. The contract serves as the basis for redirecting the share of 20% of the profit tax.

If the company did not make a profit, it has the opportunity to sponsor. Subsequently, it can deduct a sponsorship from a future profit tax.



From May 2020, we are on the Rohelp platform, where you can donate any amount directly by card. The goal is to help us offer materials and direct help to vulnerable children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find details here:

Redirect your taxes

As an individual, you can offer 3.5% of the tax you already pay to the state (through the 230 declarations, usually March-June deadline). Here is the information you need from the Terre des hommes Foundation, which supports children in Romania: Terre des hommes Foundation - Switzerland, Fiscal identification code 21184194, Bank account RO81BACX0000001027913000

But you can help us even by promoting us and our projects in your professional networks. 

Because Every Child Deserves a Childhood !

Thank you

What's new

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13 December, Bucharest. Our Takeover Day (eleventh edition in 2022) remains an important occasion for celebrating children's rights. It is a special day of celebration of the extraordinary potential of each child and their right to participate, to freely express his opinions on any issue that…
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