Know our team

The Terre des hommes team in Romania works from its central office in Bucharest and implements projects with the help of the team in Craiova and Bacău.  

Laura Sava studied Sociology and has a Master in Community Security and Violence Control. At Terre des hommes she started working in 2010 as a project manager, then trainer, program manager, and in 2016 she also assumed the role of advocacy officer. She completed courses in multiculturalism, ethnicity and social conflict at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Her areas of expertise: prevention of violence against children, public policies related to education, inclusion and migration, development of partnerships and international cooperation, social change. Since 2019 she is Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the National Federation of Organizations for Child Protection.


Laura Sava-Ghica
Country Representative

Raluca joined the Tdh team in 2014 first as a project manager with a focus on the phenomenon of child migration. She has experience in implementing European-funded projects, building partnerships and writing project proposals. With studies in the field of social communication, she worked mostly in the non-profit sector. She is currently coordinating the "ChildHub" project and is involved in other organizational activities.


Raluca Condruț
Programmes and Migration Manager

She is a graduate of Psychology and has a Master of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. She has been involved in many Terre des hommes projects since 2011, all related to the psycho-social approach and participation of children or the improvement of the situation of vulnerable children and young people. In recent years she has coordinated or worked on juvenile justice, migration and child protection projects. She is currently the project manager for the Safe Environment for Children in Sport, but is also involved in training and facilitation.


Cristina Vlădescu
Project Manager

She has been working at Tdh since 2018 and is a project manager for MINT and Bridge. She is a graduate of a Master in Public Policy Evaluation, has been working in the social field for 20 years and understands the needs of migrant children. She appreciates that Tdh has made helping migrants a priority and is very happy to work here.


Rodica Novac
Rodica Novac
Project Manager

Cecilia joined the Terre des hommes team in 2022 as a Programme Manager for Access to Justice. She brings over 12 years of experience in the fields of criminal justice and human rights, contributing to prison reentry efforts in Romania, working with restorative justice practices in the UK, the US and Romania, analysing conflict resolutions in Thailand, Cambodia and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and fighting cybercrime through the implementation of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. Cecilia is passionate to develop further the work on juvenile justice alongside Tdh!

Cecilia Popa
Cecilia Popa
Access to Justice Programme Manager

Ana Vladescu has a degree in Criminology and Psychology, and a Master`s degree in Global Security, with a dissertation on the use of violence against non-combatants in asymmetric warfare. Before joining Terre des hommes, she has worked for two years in the NGO environment in Romania, implementing projects on human rights topics, regarding the Holocaust and encouraging civic education for teenagers and students. She has also worked as a trainee within the Blue Book at Frontex, in Warsaw. At Terre des hommes she manages the project ACTIV: ACT Against Violence. She feels proud to be able to work in an organization that fights for real and lasting change, especially when it comes to minimizing violence and preventing abuse against children.

Ana v
Ana Vladescu
Project Manager

She joined Terre des hommes in 2013 and feels very lucky to work with such energetic, dedicated and passionate people. Prior to joining the Tdh team, her professional experience was in the hotel and service industry. She has a degree in finance and a master's degree in the tourism industry. "Tdh gave me the opportunity to become a specialist in human resources and, at the same time, to participate in one of the most beautiful missions in the world - helping children."


Carmen Huțu
Carmen Huțu
HR Manager

A graduate in Journalism and Communication, she worked for eight years in the business and lifestyle press, then decided to use this experience in communication jobs for various national and international NGOs. Shee believes that every person is a story, and the greatest satisfaction is to be useful. She is proud to promote the ambitious projects of her colleagues, which directly influence the lives of thousands of children in Romania every year.



Iulia Stancu
Communication Manager

Bogdan Borș is a young master's student in International Development at Sciences Po Paris. He strongly believes in the potential of scientific tools for creating positive change in society. Thus, he combines his vast knowledge in a variety of topics related to development in assuring all Quality & Accountability aspects towards beneficiaries and donors: developing new projects (particularly the alignment between needs, objectives, indicators and activities), building and implementing monitoring and evaluation tools, conducting situation analysis, institutional learning and strategic planning exercises.


bogdan bors
Bogdan Borș
Quality and Accountability Manager

Elena Cofaru is a professional in the field of international development, with over 5 years of experience in the development and humanitarian assistance sectors in South America and Eastern Europe. She has worked intensively in the field of child protection, gender-based violence in schools (SRGBV) and the integration of migrants, focusing on the implementation of projects and programmes as well as on research. Elena holds a bachelor's degree  (with honours) in international development from the University of Essex, England, and a master's degree in development studies from the Institute of High International studies and Development, Geneva, Switzerland. In her free time, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga and exploring different cultures.

Elena Cofaru
National Representative Romania/ Co-chair PSEA Network Romania Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub Eastern Europe

Anca holds a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and European Studies and a Master's Degree in Project Management. She has a mixed background, having worked within Romanian and Polish educational NGOs, as both a youth worker and as a Project Manager. She has implemented several projects as an emergency response to the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic in the educational sector, being involved in aiding hundreds of schools to reconnect children to online classes and to defend their right to education. As of 2022, she is working for Terre des hommes as a Project Officer for Emergency Response, supporting our efforts in aiding the community of Ukrainian refugees transiting or residing in Romania.


Anca Pavel
Anca Pavel
Project Officer

Irina has a BA in Sociology and a MA in Theories and Research Methods in Communication Sciences. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Bucharest, within the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences. She has a mixed background, working in both research and communication, where he has worn several hats (PR, Communication & Marketing Specialist and Communication Consultant).

At Terre des hommes she is employed as a Communication Officer and she believes that a sense of purpose and meaning at work makes you feel dedicated, innovative and passionate. That is precisely why she feels privileged to be able to work in an organization that campaigns for real and lasting changes.

Irina Cojoc
Communication Officer

Anna is from Ukraine, where she was a real estate entrepreneur in Odessa. From the beginning of the war, she moved to Romania and became a volunteer to help her compatriots who arrived in the centers of Bucharest. This is how she found out about Terre des hommes Foundation, and since the spring of 2022, she has joined the team as a translator. Now she is helping as a Social Worker, besides translating, as she also offers support for mothers who need help and also deals with connecting with other organizations or institutions that provide assistance to Ukrainian families.

Anna Todorova
Anna Todorova
Social Worker

Dana is an engineer and social worker. She graduated from the Faculty of Power Engineering, within the Polytechnic Faculty of Bucharest and worked in the field of Electrical Installations Design for 5 years. She also graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in Bucharest, having a master's degree in Management of Social and Health Services and has 29 years of experience in the NGO environment, working for a local organization that offered help to children and young people at risk. In Tdh, she discovered a place where she can use the experience and knowledge to contribute to the process of positive change in the community.

Dana Condrea
Project Officer

Adriana joined Terre des hommes after having worked in the NGO environment for over 10 years. She combines her experience in the financial accounting field with the desire to help children from disadvantaged categories.


Adriana Dumitrescu
Senior Finance Officer

Denisa is a sociable, hardworking young woman with a great desire to help those around her. He has a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in Cluj, a master's degree in Public Planning for Sustainable Development at the University of Orebro and he also did a Monitoring and Evaluation course at the University of Malmo. She joined Tdh in October 2021 as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. Among other things, it provides methodological and technical support to project teams, assists them in decision-making processes and communication with key partners. Her passions include hiking, traveling, and discovering new cultures.

Denisa Leonte
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Natalia graduated from a Faculty of Economics, but she also studied Psychology. She has extensive experience in organizing projects, from participation in tenders for accessing funds, to implementation or evaluation. She is now a Project Manager within the Emergency Programme at Terre des hommes Romania and coordinates three projects: IURTS, Well-U and Step-in. She joined the Tdh team in order to capitalize on her experience in project management and in activities with refugees. Among her passions are painting or gardening.

Natalia Cirimpei
Project Manager

Nina is a clinical psychologist and psycho-oncologist and admits that if she were ever to go back to the past, it's all psychology that she would choose. She chose to join the Tdh team in July 2022 because she is a person who puts children first and because since the first day, she has found herself in our mission to provide support to children in vulnerable situations. Nina also has a guiding motto: "Treat the people around you the way you would like them to treat your child."

Nina Bria
Psychologist (within the Emergency Response Ukrainian Refugee Crisis)

Andrei is an enthusiastic, optimistic and curious young man who studies International Relations and European Studies at SNSPA, but besides that, he has been a devoted volunteer since high school, getting involved in many projects and wanting to discover new things always. Since 2021, he has joined Terre des hommes and now he is fulfilling the role of Communication Assistant because he has a passion for this field and because he wants to learn as much as possible. He is also extremely happy to be able to contribute to such a beautiful mission as helping children and young people.


Andrei Constantin
Andrei Constantin
Communication Assistant

Nicoleta Popescu started working at the Terre des hommes Foundation in August 2021, after 10 years of experience as a communicator in the diplomatic environment and 7 years of activity in the private environment on EU-funded projects. She is involved in Terre des homes projects that promote child and youth friendly justice.

Nicoleta Popescu
Communication Officer

Oxana graduated from the Faculty of Theatre Studies and Art Management at the Academy of Arts in Chisinau. She has over 10 years of experience in project management, organizing numerous cultural and social projects within the NGO Arta Azi. In addition to that, she was a screenwriter for several short films and documentary films. With the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, she wanted to help, being a Russian speaker, and so she found out about Terre des hommes. She has been working here for almost a year, being a Team Leader for Emergency Response and coordinating a team of social workers, psychologists, animators, and translators who provide support to Ukrainian families. She spends her free time writing or reading.

Oxana Buga
Team Leader -Emergency Response

Alina is a psycho-educator and has been working at Terre des hommes since 2016. She deals with project training and, in general, covers training for professionals in the social or educational field. Since 2017, she has also been working on projects involving the participation of children, either in the field of migration or in the field of juvenile justice. She feels motivated by the multitude and diversity of Tdh projects, which have given her the opportunity to meet professionals from various fields and to develop personally and professionally.


Alina Dumitru
Alina Dumitru
Training Officer

Teofana has always been a learning addict, having a BA in International Relations and one in Psychology, but also a MA in Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. For the past six years, she has worked in the social sector in Kenya, India, France and Italy with children and refugees, as well as in project management. She joined the team in August 2022 as a MEAL Officer, as she believes NGOs must construct channels for being accountable towards beneficiaries and constantly learn how to better align with their needs. She is very grateful to have found in Terre des hommes a community for which empowerment, intersectionality and innovation are the driving values.

Teofana Cepoi
MEAL Officer

Raluca is an expert in the field of education and social inclusion, but also a scientific researcher in the field of work and social protection. She has extensive experience in project management, coordinating, since 2002, national, international projects and consortia in areas such as social inclusion, education, or the labour market. She joined the Tdh team in September 2022 and is the Project Manager of the NOROC (Norwegian-Romanian Initiative for Quality in Education) project wich attracted her from the first moment because it focuses on the good of children and their support in the learning process. Her passions include traveling, discovering new fields, and painting in oil.  

Raluca Ciucă
Raluca Ciucă
Project Manager

Elena is a responsible and empathic person. She has graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and now she has more than 15 years of experience in logistics, from procurement to dealing with national and international suppliers. Over the years, she has been involved in several volunteering and fundraising projects. This is also the reason why she chose to join Terre des hommes, as she believes this is where she can use her experience to benefit children. She is a Logistics Officer, and part of her job is to ensure trusting and long-lasting relationships between our organization and suppliers.

Elena Rădulescu
Logistics Officer

Magda graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Resources at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and the International Relations Faculty of the Romanian-American University, but also has a Master's degree in Transport Management. She has 15 years of experience in logistics, working in the private sector. Since high school, she liked to get involved in volunteering, and when the war started in Ukraine, she got involved in the reception centers of refugees in Bucharest, trying to help them find accommodation. In this way, she heard about Tdh and realized that she would love to work in an NGO so that she could actively contribute to helping children. Her list of hobbies includes traveling, hiking and discovering new things.


Magda Puiu
Logistics Officer

Andreea is friendly, optimistic, always trying to make the day better for the people around her. She is an organized person, solutions oriented and has a very good observation skills. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest and is always eager to learn something new. She joined Terre des hommes in July 2022 because she wanted to work for a great purpose, something that would make the world a better place and because she values childhood very much, and here is where she believes she can help. She is Administrative Assistant and part of her work is to ensure that all activities have the necessary support and can be carried out in good conditions.

Andreea Antonache
Administrative Assistant

Ilinca describes herself as curious, empathetic and she always wants to learn from those around her. She has a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Manchester, she did a master's degree in International Humanitarian Action in the Netherlands, in Groningen, and is currently studying at the Faculty of Social Work at Babeș Bolyai University. She did an internship at Terre des hommes Romania in 2019, and because she really liked the environment, the warmth, and the professionalism of the people here, she decided to join the team at the end of 2022. She has experience in the field of migration, working so far in several NGOs. Now she is a Programme Officer and an important part of her work is to ensure the necessary support for the activities within the Emergency Response Programme. She loves to spend time in nature, go hiking and reading.   

Ilinca Costin
Programme Officer

Olga is an empathetic, patient, and optimistic person. She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj. She has experience working with children in kindergartens and schools, joined the team in 2022 and is a teacher-trainer at the new Resilience and Innovation Facility (RIF) opened by Terre des hommes in Bucharest. Her aim is to support children in their development, growth, and exploration process so that they develop digital skills and learn the principles of resilience in a challenging situation. She strongly believes that education must be done with empathy and respect to reach the soul of every child, especially those at risk. They need to find a safe space in which to grow.

Olga Mititelu
Educator - Emergency Response

Vanda is an ambitious young woman who graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in Moldova. She joined the Tdh team in 2022 to be able to help people in difficult situations as much as she can. She is a Translator/Interpreter for Romanian-Russian languages, and part of her work consists in ensuring a good communication between our teams and the beneficiaries, but also in transmitting important information to children and parents, clearly.


Vanda Ceban

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Social Work in Craiova and has been working for the Terre des hommes Foundation since 2008. He was National Manager of the MOVE Project during 2008-2012 and of the PRAEVENIR project, implemented by Terre des hommes in Romania. He is currently managing a mentoring program for young people released from detention centers. In 2019 he received the Social Assistant of the Year Award for Social Inclusion-Social Economy.


Mihai Enache
Mihai Enache
Project Manager

A graduate of the Faculty of Social Work, he has been working in the non-governmental sector for over 10 years as a social worker, training consultant, project coordinator, vocational counselor and education specialist, especially in rural communities, within the Terre des hommes Foundation projects.



Marius Cernușcă
Marius Cernușcă
Logistics and Admin Officer

Cicerone Bosuioc created platforms for personal development courses for young people, such as public speaking, personal knowledge and self-knowledge or career plan, and has experience working with young people in re-education and penitentiary centers. He held workshops on awakening personal motivation and team spirit. As a development mentor, he provides support in balancing personal balance between success and failure in achieving personal goals, individual and group counseling. At Terre des hommes he carried out training activities (trainer), and was the coordinator of the team of mentors. Now he is the team leader of Emergency Response team in Brașov.

Cicerone Bosuioc
Team leader of Emergency Response team in Brașov

Yevhen is from Ukraine, where he worked for several years as an import manager, purchasing different goods and materials from other countries. He has been providing negotiations between manufacturing and distribution companies, acted as a translator during different international exhibitions and made translations of documents. He has a degree as an English language teacher. Now, he works as a translator, and he chose Tdh because he found the proper opportunity to help kids from Ukraine. He has three children and loves to spend his free time with them or with his friends, but besides that, he is enjoying travelling, sport, and outdoor activities. 

Yevhen Volosyn
Translator English / Ukrainian / Russian Emergency Response Ukraine Refugee Crisis

Svetlana is very experienced in management, being licensed in Economic Sciences and being a student at a Master's degree in European Law. Also, her activity as a consular officer opened her professional path in relations with various categories of beneficiaries (she has offered consular services to Romanian citizens abroad).  When the refugee crisis in Ukraine began, she did not hesitate for a moment to volunteer at the General Consulate of Romania in Balti and to help Ukrainian citizens obtain the necessary support to reach Romania or obtain refugee status. As an extension of the consular activity related to the Emergency aid for the Ukrainians, Svetlana became part of the Terre des hommes team, working as a translator, and then as Project Officer in the project to support the Community of Ukrainian refugees who found shelter in the Brasov area, Romania.

Svetlana Vrabie
Project Officer for Emergency Response - Brașov