Solidarity FabLab Târgu Ocna - helping young people to enter the job market

The goal of Solidarity FabLab Târgu Ocna project is to develop activities that help raise the entrepreneurial skills and employability of the youth in Bacau area, Romania.


Solidarity FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) Târgu Ocna project proposes activities that will develop entrepreneurial skills (mainly technical, digital and IT) of the  youth in the area, thus helping them to enter the labour market.

The FabLab project, implemented by Terre des hommes Romania Foundation, continues the activity started in 2020, being funded by the Orange Foundation in the period January 2022 - February 2023. The workspace is organised in  Târgu Ocna Technological Highschool and it is provided with digital equipment, so that the youth become familiar with 3D modeling and 3D printing technology.  The space was set up to welcome both students from the high school, young people from the Detention Centre for young people, as well as children and young people from middle schools, NEETS or others from surrounding communities.

Through this project, Terre des hommes Foundation and Orange Foundation are giving an opportunity to young people from Bacau county to develop their creativity, to explore and learn, to build life and entrepreneurial skills and to gain access to a support community of peers, local organizations, private companies and entrepreneurs. The direct category of beneficiaries are children and young people from vulnerable groups, children in conflict with the law, children affected by migration.

Solidarity FabLab Târgu Ocna project is funded with 53 213 euro by Orange Group Foundation  and Orange Romania Foundation.


Orange Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which participates into community life by developing philanthropy projects that are meant to make positive changes in disadvantaged people’s life. Since 2012, Orange Foundation has invested over 6 million euro in programmes for  development of vulnerable communities and integration of disadvantaged persons by promoting and  implementing technology and digital methods in education, cultural and social inclusion  projects. For details, please visit