3D Printed Products Fair in Târgu Ocna - a support for young people for a better future


Students and teachers from Târgu Ocna invite you to the unique Fair of Products made by them through 3D printing in the Solidarity FabLab digital technology laboratory. This fair aims to create contacts and generate opportunities for collaboration between the students from Solidarity FabLab Târgu Ocna and the industries or business people in the area, with the intention of introducing young people on the labor market. We invite you to join us to offer a better future to young people.

The objects created by high school students for this event are diverse and funny: from decorative items, toys to assemble, personalized souvenirs and globes printed with photos, young people will come up with the most original gift ideas. Visitors will be able to participate in a workshop for printing three-dimensional objects.

The fair will be located in the pedestrian area between the Assumption Church and the central park of the city, Carol I Street, Târgu Ocna, and will be open on August 15, 2022, between 9.00 – 20.00.

The Solidarity FabLab Laboratory is created and supported by Terre des hommes Foundation with the financial support of the Orange Foundation, within the Târgu Ocna Technological High School. Under the guidance of a specialized teacher, three-dimensional design and printing IT courses are held here for students from Târgu Ocna and the surrounding high schools, young people from the Educational Center and young people without education or unemployed, in order to train them in the digital field and in order to increase their chances of finding a job.


About the Solidarity FabLab Târgu Ocna project

Through the Solidarity FabLab project, Terre des hommes Foundation will make sure that 500 children and young people from vulnerable groups, disadvantaged categories, children in conflict with the law and children affected by migration will have access to courses and a community of support from local organizations, private companies and entrepreneurs. These courses aim to cultivate the entrepreneurial skills (especially technical, digital and IT) of young people in the area, preparing their entry into the labor market.

The direct beneficiaries of the project will be: 440 high school students and secondary school students from the Târgu Ocna Technological High School and the surrounding schools, 30 unemployed and/ or young people enrolled in the "Second Chance" program, 30 young people aged 13-22 years from the Educational Center in Târgu Ocna, 15 teachers from the Târgu Ocna Technological High School and nearby schools (Onești,  Slănic Moldova, Dofteana, Dărmăneşti), 15 leaders of the local community.

The Solidarity FabLab Târgu Ocna project is implemented by Terre des hommes Foundation between 2021 and 2023, with a funding of 53,213 euros granted by the Orange Group Foundation and the Orange Romania Foundation.

The Orange Foundation is a non-profit organization that gets involved in the life of the community by carrying out philanthropy projects meant to bring positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged people. Since 2012, the Orange Foundation has invested over 6 million euros in its programs that support the development of vulnerable communities and the integration of disadvantaged people, by promoting and implementing digital technology and methods in education, culture and social inclusion projects. For details, visit www.fundatiaorange.ro