Terms of Reference: Consultancy to conduct a rapid needs assessment on restorative justice with children in contact with the law


Position: Curriculum developer/ Trainer for face-to-face courses on restorative justice with children in contact with the law

Location: Romania

Period of the consultancy: 01 May – 10 December 2023

Duration of the consultancy: 18 working days

Project: i-RESTORE 2.0 – Accessible Quality Restorative Justice processes for children in contact with the law in Europe


Objectives of consultancy

Terre des hommes (Tdh) Romania is looking for a curriculum developer/ trainer to develop and conduct face to face training courses on restorative justice and its application with children in contact with the law in Romania. The training modules will be defined based on the local context. Selected trainer will conduct the training alongside an in-house trainer from Tdh.

The following specific activities will be conducted by the national curriculum developer/trainer:

  • Analyse the global research report on restorative justice with child victims (including a specific focus on Romania) and the recently released Rapid Needs Assessment Report, as a basis to develop a face-to-face training workshop;
  • Support the development of a face-to-face training programme on “Introduction to Restorative Justice (RJ)” and on “Advanced Restorative justice skills” in Romania
  • Support the development of a face-to-face ToT training programme for trainers to deliver the “Introduction to RJ course” and the “Restorative Justice Skills” courses for a pool of max. 10 trainers per country in Romania, depending on their level of advancement. European Forum for Restorative Justice in collaboration with Restorative Justice Netherlands will first develop this programme;
  • Adapt the training programmes to local context, while adding local expertise to the drafting of modules;
  • Participate in online sessions to prepare and discuss face-to-face training materials with consortium representatives ;
  • Participate in meeting with the Technical Advisory Board of i-RESTORE 2.0 and present draft materials concerning the respective countries;
  • Incorporate feedback received on the content of draft materials from consortium and Technical Advisory Board;
  • Deliver a 2+2 day training workshop on “Introduction to Restorative Justice” and “Advanced Restorative Justice Skills” alongside an in-house Tdh trainer;
  • Deliver a 2-day ToT (Training of Trainers) for a pool of trainees who participated in the “Introduction to Restorative Justice” and the “Advanced Restorative Justice Skills” training, alongside an in-house Tdh trainer;
  • Reporting on train delivery.


 Candidate’s profile

The preferred candidates have practice experience in restorative justice with children in contact with the law and a willingness to give training on this topic. As this may be too specific for the four countries of this project, the candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Practice and/or training experience in working (restoratively) with children involved in the criminal justice system, or
  • Practice and/or training experience in working (restoratively) with (children) victims of crime, or
  • Practice and/or training experience in restorative approaches in schools (alternative conflict resolution, non-violent communication, etc.)

All candidates should ideally have:

  • 5-10 years of relevant work experience, out of which at least 5 years involved practical experience around work on diversion measures
  • Possess recognized experience and/or knowledge relevant to research, teaching and training in the area of justice for youth
  • Desirable to have relevant university degree in restorative justice, criminal justice, criminology, law or another relevant field
  • Be familiar with EU guidelines/policies regarding child justice and victim protection
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of international human rights laws and standards on child justice
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • High degree of confidentiality
  • Multidisciplinary expertise is an added value


How to apply

Qualified applicants are requested to send the following documents:

  • CV of expert(s) in English presenting relevant experience with face-to-face and online learning as well as in the subject matter
  • Description of the consulting company/organization applying, including references to previous similar projects, track record in the subject matter (restorative justice, juvenile justice, diversion) and knowledge of the phenomenon in Europe would be an asset
  • In maximum 3 pages, a concept proposal in English for the course taking into consideration a 2-day training session in restorative justice

Deadline to submit applications: 24 April 2023

Please send the complete document package to: cecilia.popa@tdh.ch


For detailed information, please see attached Terms of Reference.