Tdh is looking for one curriculum developer and trainer for face-to-face and online courses on restorative justice with child victims for Romania (i-RESTORE project)


Terre des hommes is looking for one curriculum developer/trainer to develop and conduct face to face and online training courses about restorative justice and its application with child victims in Romania. 

Deadline for sending applications: October 30th 2020

Period of the consultancy:  8 months

Estimated number of days for the consultancy: 30 working days per trainer/curriculum developer

The training modules will be defined based on the findings of the research previously conducted within the framework of the i-RESTORE project. The project aims to promote the use of restorative justice in cases involving child victims by improving knowledge amongst national stakeholders on child-victim friendly restorative justice and empowering children to advocate for better protection of child victims. The training courses will be based on active research findings (of national research results and the good practice collection) and the experience of the selected experts. The courses will be developed according to a blended learning format: they will be delivered both face-to-face and through an e-learning format. *Please note that due to COVID-related restrictions, the face-to-face format might be re-evaluated, and all trainings might then need to be delivered online as well.

The main goal of the i-RESTORE training programme is to build the capacities and foster mutual learning amongst national policy makers and practitioners in criminal justice to implement child-victim-friendly restorative justice approaches and mechanisms, through face-to-face and e-learning training material.

In practice, the trainings will:

  • Raise awareness of professionals on restorative justice in cases involving children and young people, with special attention for child victims;
  • Provide professionals with tools to work in a more child-friendly way in the justice system of the implementing countries (in this case, Romania).
  • Build the capacities of professionals working with children in Romania

Specific objectives will include:

  • Develop a face-to-face training programme on restorative justice with child victims 
  • Develop an e-learning module on restorative justice with child victims 

The i-RESTORE project is led by Tdh Hungary and implemented in partnership with the European Forum on Restorative Justice, Restorative Justice Netherlands, Terre des hommes Romania and Terre des hommes Greece. The project is funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020).

Download full Terms of Reference below (Please note the correct deadlines are in the text above. Read the References referring to Romania exclusively).