Takeover Day at the XI edition. 53 children take over the profession they dreamed of

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The XIth edition of the Takeover Day project was organized between November 22 and December 12, as an event-campaign that marks the International Day of Children's Rights.

Adults handed over their jobs to a group of Romanian and Ukrainian children, who are part of the Children's Advisory Board (CAB). Aiming to support children and teenagers take part in decisions that concern them, the initiative encourages them to express opinions in the world of adults.

Under the guidance of a coordinator, children and adolescents had the opportunity to choose their desired professions. Then, the coordinator of the group identified the right mentors (the professionals who receive the children /adolescents at their own job) and facilitated the meetings on a day between November 22nd and December 12nd. The professions taken over by children and adolescents were very diverse (psychologist, teacher, air traffic controller, programmer, doctor, forensic policeman, prosecutor, etc.) and were chosen during one of the CAB (Child Advisory Board) sessions. Children were challenged to reflect on their dream job, on what inspires them, on their qualities and on  what they would like to experience.

"For me it was an experience that showed me how much I have to learn in the field I am targeting. I have certainly gained clarity on the steps I have to take," says Amalia, a participant in the campaign. Amalia was welcomed in the office of Iuliana Popa, a psychotherapist.

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with Terre des hommes in organizing Takeover Day. The four teenage girls, the students who accompanied me during the day, showed a real motivation and interest in practicing the profession of psychologist. I showed them how I really practice my profession and I am glad that they understood that it is a job with a solid component of continuous training", said Iuliana Popa, psychotherapist.

About Takeover Day

"Takeover Day" celebrates the right of all children and young people to participate in society and takes place every year around the International Children's Rights Day, on November 20. The concept is very simple: under the guidance of a coordinator, children and young people aged 12-18 choose professions that they want to take over for a day (a few hours) and then they are connected by teachers-coordinators or even Terre des hommes with mentors from the same community or mentors-personalities. The children then spend a working day with their mentor. The child's safety at the "workplace" is taken care of by a caregiver (parent, guardian, teacher, friend, etc.).