Takeover Day. Final event, celebration and awards


13 December, Bucharest.

Our Takeover Day (eleventh edition in 2022) remains an important occasion for celebrating children's rights. It is a special day of celebration of the extraordinary potential of each child and their right to participate, to freely express his opinions on any issue that concerns him directly. Celebrating the success the XI-th edition, Terre des hommes Romania organized an event that aimed to reunite children who participated in the Child Advisory Boards in Brasov, Bucharest and Constanta, but also to award the mentors involved in this project.

The event was an interactive and celebratory one, which brought together a group of about 60 people, Ukrainian children temporarily settled in Brasov, Bucharest and Constanta, as well as Romanian children from Bucharest, their parents, mentors, coordinators and part of the Terre des hommes Romania team. For the 11th year in a row, we facilitated the connection of children with mentors. The right to participate is an essential right, but less known and encouraged in the Romanian society. Further, the project contributes to educating a generation of young people involved in society and aware of their rights to express their opinion and choose their own future.

For the children, the main benefit was access to mentors in their community. They have initiated a mentoring relationship that will continue and, as they told us, some children consolidated their choice and gained strong motivation to study the field in question, while others became aware of the challenges of the job. These are the jobs that children have shown interest in: teacher, air traffic controller, programmer, doctor and psychologist. The fact that they have been encouraged to actively participate in the role has given them confidence in themselves and in others, helps them to understand that they are important and that they must become active citizens in society.

The children have also shown this time that they are ready to get involved in the process of making decisions that concern them directly and have shown that this empowers and motivates them to be actively and determinedly involved in the process of personal development.

About Takeover Day

Takeover Day is an original annual educational project, through which children between the ages of 12 and 18 have the chance to try a profession for a day. It responds in particular to the need for vulnerable children to be supported to go beyond the horizon of their daily lives.