Qualified External Researcher needed in Romania

Terre des hommes Romania is seeking a qualified external researcher for a National Baseline Research part of “Data for Monitoring the Safety of Imprisoned Children – Data MOSAIC” funded by the European Commission’s Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme and implemented in Romania by Terre des hommes (Tdh) Romania.   

Objectives of the Research 

The National Baseline Research’s objective is to map out and assess current tools and practices in data collection on violence against children (VAC) in detention settings in Romania to identify gaps, needs and good practices. The National Baseline Research should: 

  • Offer a better understanding of the phenomenon of VAC in detention in Romania 
  • Present how data on VAC in detention is collected in Romanian juvenile detention settings 
  • Present how data on VAC in detention is acted upon in Romanian juvenile detention settings 
  • Identify potential best practices in data collection on VAC in detention in Romanian juvenile detention settings 

While data collection is strongly interlinked with VAC reporting, response and prevention, the focus of the research should have data collection at its core. 

Scope of the Research 

The research should offer evidence-based support for more effective policies and measures to prevent VAC and protect and support victims. More specifically, the research will serve as a basis for the development and drafting of the data collection tool and guidance document. Juvenile justice actors will later be trained on the usage of this tool. Ultimately, it will lead to increased capacity of national criminal justice agencies and juvenile justice institutions to collect and use comprehensive and comparable data on VAC in detention to improve monitoring, reporting and prevention of VAC and increase accountability and child-friendly practices.                 

Profile of the consultant/researcher (team): qualifications and experience 

Tdh will accept applications from individuals, teams, academic entities, NGOs and companies as long as they are officially registered with a European tax number (i.e. are able to issue an invoice) and have evaluation, research, impact study or similar and/or consultancy as their object of activity, which can be proven by legal documentation.  

Required experience and skills:  

  • At least 3 quality evaluations/impact studies prepared for 3 different projects. Examples can be annexed unless confidential. Previous experience in conducting evaluations of projects in the area of access to justice and/or child justice is a significant asset.  
  •  Proven skills in using quantitative and quality data collection and analysis methods.  
  •  Strong understanding of diversity and inclusion incl. age, gender and diversity sensitivity aspects.  
  •  Strong writing skills and ability to convey technical and complex information in a structured, logical, clear and concise manner for different audiences.  
  •  Full written and oral proficiency in English for data collection and production of quality reports. Knowledge of the local language in the implementing countries is an asset, but not strictly required.  
  •  Strong computer proficiency to prepare quality written reports with clean data visualization and presentation of findings.  
  •  Master’s degree (or higher) in social sciences, economics, public policy, law, research and evaluation, management or other related field(s) from an accredited university.  
  •  Capacity to issue invoices with tax registration in Europe (UK and Switzerland included).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Interested applicants shall submit their application via e-mail to the following e-mail address: mihai.enache@tdh.ch . The e-mail should have the subject-line: Data MOSAIC National Baseline Research. The deadline for submission is June 8th  (23:59). 

The application package shall include

  • Technical Offer – max. 10 pages; 
  • Expression of interest 
  • Methodology and tools proposed, showing understanding of the objective of the study and the Terms of Reference (ToR); 
  • A chronogram showing details for the realization of each of the evaluation phases. The schedule proposed should include time for briefing and debriefing with Tdh representatives as far as possible.