PRECISION - for the Rehabilitation, Empowerment of Children and Support of Youth Offenders

Minors and young people in education and detention centres in Romania have the right to a  future. That is why Terre des hommes (Tdh) has been implementing the PRECISION project since the beginning of 2020, to support the rehabilitation of minors and young people deprived of their freedom and to give them a chance in life. PRECISION stands for Promote Rehabilitation, Empowerment of Children and Support for Youth Offenders.

de copii și tineri își vor îmbunătăți starea psihosocială și abilitățile de viață
de minori și tineri vor beneficia de condiții  mai bune în detenție, de proceduri adecvate și prietenoase
ani de implementare


Tdh consulted a group of juveniles and young people deprived of their freedom and found out that they do not have access to information, they live in precarious conditions of detention, without sufficient contact from the outside world. Also, education is not sufficiently encouraged or adapted to their needs, and movement and sport are not facilitated. Specialists are inadequately trained to treat the children respectfully, professionally and non-discriminatorily, and as a consequence, they  are not receptive to the children’s rights, needs and emotions, which risks keeping minors and young people in the penitentiary system for life (or at least reduces their chances of rehabilitation and social reintegration). Moreover, staff in detention centres are not generally qualified through training to adapt to working with children and therefore they cannot use communication and negotiation skills, which would otherwise help build positive relationships with children and young people and reduce tensions and conflict situations, without using force.


The PRECISION project plans to invest in better conditions in detention centres (clothing and hygiene products), and support the professional development of staff through training on friendly practices adapted to minors using the methodology "Movement, Play and Sports". Children and young people will improve their resilience and self-esteem through sports activities and be given the right space, mechanisms and approaches to express their opinions and contribute to decision-making.


The project will facilitate social reintegration, while initiating a mentoring program through which young people will receive help to get a job,  find a place to live and undergo training in various fields of work. Roundtables will be organized to promote the results of the project, as well as an international conference for professionals and decision makers.



40 children and young people will improve their psychosocial condition and life skills.

300 minors and young people will benefit from better conditions at detention centres as well as appropriate and friendly procedures.


Project funding: Medicor Foundation


Duration of implementation: January 2020 - April 2022




Fundația Medicor (Liechtenstein)

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