"I feel good and comfortable here (i.e. RIF), the teachers are good and understanding with us."


Nata, 11, Odessa - about the courses at RIF, the Innovation and Resilience Centre

"When my mother enrolled me in the 3D courses at RIF (Innovation and Resilience Centre), I went to the first lesson, but without high expectations. But once the activities started, I quickly understood that it was a place I wanted to come to no matter what the weather was outside. It doesn't matter: it's hot, it's raining, it's windy - I'm coming to class. I feel good and comfortable here, and the teachers are kind and understanding to us.

I'm also glad I've been able to make new friends. Friends are very important to me. I still keep in touch with Lera, for example, even though she has returned to Ukraine with her mother, sister and grandparents. I worry, but I hope nothing bad will happen to her or her family. However, I'm glad we can still talk.

At RIF I like that I learned better how to work on my laptop, I learned new programs and equipment on which we create various objects. The animal made here with the 3D printer came out really nice, and the magic cube is one of my little brother's favorite toys. I also really liked the t-shirt that I customized here."