Hope for all: children from Romania and Ukraine reunited on Ukraine's Independence Day

hope for all

On Ukraine's Independence Day, Thursday 24 August, Romanian and Ukrainian children met again and were part of the creation of one of the most beautiful traditions : Friendship Day between Romanian and Ukrainian children. The first edition was on 24 August 2022 and we were happy to invite them again this year, to rediscover the miracle of the most lasting friendship, the one between children.

In an urban oasis of play for children and relaxation for mothers, we celebrated Ukrainian Independence Day with Movement, Play and Sport workshops, music, dance, smiles and lemonade.

<<Hope for all>> celebrated children's talent through a talent show with and for children aged 4-18 who wanted to present their talent. Touching songs were sung in Ukrainian, performed live by the little ones. The event culminated with traditional Ukrainian songs and dances.

The event is part of a large Terre des hommes action to support Ukrainian refugee families in Romania and was organised in partnership with UNHCR Romania. The aim of this event was to support the Ukrainian community in Bucharest, create opportunities to connect with Romanians and, last but not least, an oasis of celebration for all. 75 participants, young and old, took part in the event.