A digital platform will be designed to help child-victims involved in criminal proceedings


75 Romanian child-victims aged between 14-18 years will be the first users of an online application which measures satisfaction of youth assisted in criminal proceedings.  

The application will be created by a team of professionals following consultation with child-victims and based on their experience and testimonials, within the i-ACCESS MyRights project developed by Terre des hommes Foundation in Romania.

The online platform consists of an innovative system which will measure the experience of young users and will receive objective feedback on their interest, attention, emotions, stress and comprehension within the legal procedures. This will be based on advanced analysis of multi-modal sensor data and will be placed in the users’ habitual environment such as home or service centres. Privacy by design (data encryption, data protection principles, data minimization) will be essential on this platform. Strict access management of the users will be applied, combined with a system that records all modifications to entries (or testimonies).

Children’s voice is very little and rarely heard in legal proceedings, they have scarce opportunities to express their opinion. Through the project i-ACCESS MyRights – artificial intelligence driven support for a smart justice with children in Europe, child-victims will be helped to speak out their opinion and easier find online information in order to exercise their rights in criminal procedures. They will be the main beneficiaries of this project that we are developing along with our partners in the period January 2023 – December 2024, in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Through this project we will help children to be better informed, while empowering them and reducing the risks of a traumatic experience. Thus, among project beneficiaries there will be 75 child-victims aged between 14-18 years, 450 law enforcement factors, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, social workers, health professionals, psychologists  that will be invited to participate in training sessions  and  183 policy makers and child protection professionals.

The project is implemented by a strong team of 7 high level expert organisations:  Terre des hommes Romania, Terre des hommes Regional Hub in Hungary, Terre des hommes Hellas, SAPI (Bulgaria), The Centre for IT and IP Law of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Noldus (Netherlands), and Lawren.io (Belgium). In addition, Dentons Europe LLP (Netherlands) law firm will provide in-kind contributions with a team of four legal experts for the decision tree to feed the database for with the necessary legal information.

i-ACCESS MyRights project is developed in Romania by Terre des hommes Foundation and it is co-funded by the European Union.