Children learn about gender-based violence: 3 publications for them!


Gender-based violence is an action against the will of a person (child or adult), simply because that person is considered weaker due to his/her gender. In general, violence is accompanied by shame and guilt, so that the victim feels less able to get up and speak. Through this campaign, we want to help young people realize that silence or denying reality is not a solution, and will only lead to greater suffering .

In order to explain, prevent and help combat this kind of violence, Terre des hommes has created within the BRIDGE project a series of informative materials for children (brochure, leaflets, newspaper). The publications  can be downloaded for free in three languages ​​(Romanian, English, Arabic) and they are to be found in our Digital Library at the following links:





The BRIDGE project (Building Relationships through Innovative Development of Gender Based Violence Awareness in Europe) is implemented in Romania by the Terre des hommes Foundation and funded by the “Rights, Equality and Citizenship” Program of the European Union (2014-2020). The content represents only the opinions of the author and is his sole responsibility. The European Commission accepts no responsibility for the use of the information it contains.

The publications were created for children and young migrants from countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Iran or Bangladesh, as well as for all young people in Romania who face gender violence.