Consultant/psychologist needed for Terre des hommes Romania


Terre des hommes Romania is looking for a Consultant/psychologist in order to assist the project team throughout the Mentoring Program within the PRECISION project.

Place of work: online

Reports to: Project Manager

Work Period: Total of 9 days

Duration: March-September 2021

1. Background

Terre des hommes (Tdh) Foundation is a significant force amongst children’s aid organizations in Switzerland and throughout the world. It is the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) for children’s aid in Switzerland. Tdh has development projects and emergency relief programmes in more than 30 countries. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional donations, of which 85% flows directly into the Tdh programmes. In Romania, Terre des hommes has been active since 1992. Every year thousands of children in Romania and their families benefit from projects under three main intervention areas: strengthening child protection and juvenile justice systems, children affected by migration, and social inclusion of vulnerable groups such as Roma minorities. 

The "PRECISION: Promote Rehabilitation, Empowerment of Children and Support for Youth Offenders" project aims to give these children and youth a chance in life.

During the implementation of the project we invest in better detention conditions for the children and we strive to support the professional training of the staff, by helping them develop child-friendly practices and use movement, games and sports in their activities with the children. Tdh aims at offering children the space and means to express their opinions and contribute to decision making and facilitating social reintegration which will support youth to follow vocational training in various fields.

The PRECISION project recently initiated a Mentorship Program which aims at ensuring for around 40 children and youth located in the Detention Centre Craiova access to assistance and personalized support by implementing a peer to peer support program provided by trained mentors free of charge. Tdh will employ several youngsters which have already experienced detention in the past and will recruit several volunteers to be trained on how to share their experience and become of help for the youth in detention. The mentors will mainly assist the mentees in increasing their chances to identify a job corresponding to their experience, identify their needs, avoid mistakes, improve their personal abilities, learn how to find a place to stay, etc.  

2. Objectives

In order to launch the Mentoring Program, Terre des hommes is interested in contracting consultancy services of a psychologist in order to:

  1. Provide support in recruiting and selecting the mentors
  2. Train the project team members on how to better address the needs of the project that implies work with the children and youth in detention and of those who have had experiences in detention
  3. Offer support to the project team on at least bi-monthly basis

3. Process and summary of activities

1. Provide support in recruiting and selecting the mentors

The consultant will work closely with the project manager of the PRECISION project and the mentors’ coordinator in selecting and recruiting the mentors. The consultant will provide advice and will be responsible to deliver an opinion on the psychologic pattern of the interviewees.

Deliverable: a consolidated written note on the psychologic pattern of the interviewees

Location: ZOOM platform

Duration: a total of 12 hours will be reserved for this activity (1,5 day); March 2021

2. Train the project team members on how to better address the needs of the project that implies work with the children and youth in detention and of those who have had experiences in detention

The consultant will provide a minimum two full days training for the project team on profiling. The participants in the training will understand the process of extrapolating information about a person based on known traits or tendencies, observed characteristics or behaviors.

Deliverable: a training methodology and agenda; one training delivered

Location: ZOOM platform

Duration: a total of 16 hours will be dedicated to the training and 8 hours for preparation; March-April 2021 (2 days the training and 1,5 day for preparation)

3. Offer support to the project team on a monthly basis

The consultant will offer his/hers support to staff in any inquiry, difficulty that might occur. At least one meeting per month will be held with the project team.

Deliverables: at least 14 meetings of at least 2 hours each with the project team (at least bi-monthly)

Location: ZOOM platform

Duration: at least 16 meetings x 2 hours each/bi-monthly = 32 hours (4 days); March - September 2021

4. Specific conditions

Time frame: a total of minimum 9 days during March – September 2021

Contract and payment: Tdh will sign a consultancy contract with the consultant. The payment will be divided into three tranches, paid after the completion of each deliverable specified above: 20% after the first deliverable; 30% after the second deliverable, and 50% after the third deliverable, in September 2021, together with a full activity report.

Additional costs for logistics, transportation, accommodation, per diem etc. will not be covered separately by Tdh.

5. General responsibilities

The consultant will conduct his or her duties in full accordance with the Terre des hommes Charter and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. With regard to the Child Protection Policy, the consultant undertakes to fully abide by the Tdh Child Protection Policy and to do his utmost to ensure respect of all employed or affiliated with the project.   

6. Minimum requirements

  • Background in psychology/judicial psychology, with particular focus in profiling
  • At least 7 years of solid prior experience in working with criminal behaviors
  • Strong interpersonal skills as well as written and oral communication skills
  • Confidentiality, maturity, and professionalism at all times are essential for this position
  • Experience in teaching

7. Application process

The application file must include:

  1. Short Letter of Intent in Romanian or English (max. 1 page)
  2. Financial offer. Payments will be made on the basis of a Service Contract with a legal entity. The financial offer must include all costs and fees related to the execution of the tasks. Costs must be shown in EUR without VAT (if applicable). Payments will be made on the basis of a Service Contract with a legal entity.
  3. CV in English;

8. Criteria for evaluation and selection of application dossiers:

  1. Level of intent of the applicant;
  2. Relevant previous experience;
  3. Financial offer.

9. Deadline

Please send your letter of intent, CV and financial offer to and before 12 March 2021.