Consultant for FabLab


Terre des hommes Romania is looking for a Consultant within the Precision project, in order to launch the activities in the Targu Ocna FabLab. Please see the Terms of Reference below.


Place of work:               Targu Ocna, Bacau County

Reports to:                    Project Manager

Work Period:                 Total of 17 days


  1. Background


Terre des hommes (Tdh) Foundation is a significant force amongst children’s aid organisations in Switzerland and throughout the world. It is the largest non-governmental organisation (NGO) for children’s aid in Switzerland. Tdh has development projects and emergency relief programmes in more than 30 countries. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional donations, of which 85% flows directly into the Tdh programmes. In Romania, Terre des hommes has been active since 1992. Every year thousands of children in Romania and their families benefit from projects under three main intervention areas: strengthening child protection and juvenile justice systems, children affected by migration, and social inclusion of vulnerable groups such as Roma minorities. 

Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) is a physical space that gives young people access to digital equipment to design and produce objects. In this space, guided by passionate guides, young people can put their most creative ideas into practice. They experiment with digital tools, see an idea take shape and reach the stage of manufactured product. The concept of FabLab was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Techology (MIT) in 2001 and is part of the global Do It Yourself movement which is based on the philosophy of production instead of purchase.

Based on the experience of setting up such FabLabs in Greece (targeting young refugees) and Ukraine (targeting children and young people affected by war in the Luhansk Oblas region), the Tdh Foundation aims to open its first FabLab in Romania. Because young people in education centers are one of our main target groups, we set out to open a FabLab at the Education Center in Targu Ocna, Bacău County. The aim is to provide support to minors and young people deprived of liberty in order to develop skills that will improve their resilience and optimise their rehabilitation and social reintegration. In addition, the collaboration with the National School for the Preparation of Prison Agents in Târgu Ocna offers the prospect of extending the project to other units in the country considering the opportunity to train, in the use of high-performance digital equipment, the future employees of the detention system.


  1. Objectives


In order to launch the activities in the Targu Ocna FabLab, Terre des hommes is interested in contracting consultancy services in order to:


  1. Offer support in selecting the equipment and materials needed, adapted to the needs and the profile of the users
  2. Train the staff and the young people in using the equipment
  3. Offer support to the staff and the young people through a series of activities organized at the FabLab


  1. Process and summary of activities


  1. Offer support in selecting the equipment and materials needed, adapted to the needs and the profile of the users.

The consultant will work closely with the project manager of the FabLab in selecting the equipment and the necessary materials.  The consultant will provide various alternatives and types of equipment and will consult in regards to the best options depending on the needs of the users.. The consultant will be responsible of installing the equipment and ensuring that all the conditions for an optimal functioning are fulfilled.


  • Deliverable: a comprehensive written list of technical equipment and materials proposed to be purchased, the purchased equipment to be installed
  • Location: office and at the Targu Ocna FabLab
  • Duration: A total of 3 days will be reserved for these activities; July – August 2020


  1. Train the staff and the young people in using the equipment

The consultant will provide two initial trainings: one for the staff and one for the young people from the youth center. Through the training the participants will learn how to use the equipment. The training will be delivered at the Education Center in Targu Ocna.


  • Deliverable: a training methodology; two trainings delivered;
  • Location: Targu Ocna Education Center
  • Duration: A total of 6 days will be reserved for these activities; August-September 2020; (2 days for each training, and 2 days for preparation)


  1. Offer support to the staff and the young people through a series of activities organized at the FabLab

The consultant will offer his/hers support to staff in organizing and leading a series of activities in the newly created FabLab. The consultant will participate in the activities and will offer his/hers support to teach the young people to use the equipment in order to start creating their first products. The objective is to ensure the sustainability of the FabLab by teaching and supporting both the young people and the staff to become independent users of the machines.


  • Deliverables: 16 activities of ½ day each; a monthly report on the activities implemented, results achieved, products created; diploma of participation for the young people and the staff that participated.
  • Location: Targu Ocna Educational Center
  • Duration: ½ day per week x 16 weeks = 8 days; September – December 2020



  1. Specific conditions


Time frame: a total of maximum 17 days in July – December 2020 period.


Contract and payment: Tdh will sign a consultancy contract with the consultant. The payment will be divided into three tranches, paid after the completion of each deliverable specified above: 20% after the first deliverable; 30% after the second deliverable, and 50% after the third deliverable, in December, together with a full activity report.

Additional costs for logistics, transportation, accommodation, per diem etc will not be covered separately by Tdh.


  1. General responsibilities


The consultant will conduct his or her duties in full accordance with the Terre des hommes Charter and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. With regard to the Child Protection Policy, the consultant undertakes to fully abide by the Tdh Child Protection Policy and to do his utmost to ensure respect of all employed or affiliated with the project.   



  1. Minimum requirements


  • Experience with fabrication equipment such as a 3D printer, vinyl printer/cutter, laser etcher/cutter, CNC mill, CNC plasma cutter, and other related equipment.
  • Experience working in or using manufacturing/industrial and rapid prototyping technology and equipment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills as well as written and oral communication skills
  • Confidentiality, maturity, and professionalism at all times are essential for this position. Experience in teaching and/or demonstration of science and technology, especially in a community environment.
  • Prior experience in working with young people from disadvantaged contexts is an asset.
  • Experience in product design.


  • The possibility to offer an accredited certification for the young people during the activities is not mandatory, but constitutes a strong advantage.


  • Trainings will be held in Romanian, but the consultant should know English (reporting and contact with equipment producers)


  1. Application process

The application file must include:

  1. Short Letter of Intent in Romanian & English (max. 1 page)
  2. Financial offer. Payments will be made on the basis of a Service Contract with a legal entity. The financial offer must include all costs and fees related to the execution of the tasks. Costs must be shown in USD without VAT (if applicable). Payments will be made on the basis of a Service Contract with a legal entity.
  3. CV in English;


  1. Criteria for evaluation and selection of application dossiers:
  1. Level of intent of the applicant;
  2. Relevant previous experience;
  3. Financial offer.



  1. Deadline


Please send your letter of intent, C.V. and financial offer to and before July 20, 2020.



Contact person Tdh 

FabLab project coordinator: Marian Damoc

+40 747 47 68 36