Tdh is looking for a facilitator for Child Advisory Board (CAB) meetings within the CLEAR RIGHTS project


Terre des hommes – Romania is looking for an expert to facilitate the meetings organized for Child Advisory Board (CAB) within the CLEAR RIGHTS project. 



“CLEAR-Rights: enhancing legal assistance for children in Europe” is a new project funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union. This 24-month project runs from January 2021 until January 2023 and is being coordinated by the Regional Office of Terre des hommes in Europe. It is implemented in partnership with the Alliance of Lawyers for Human Rights, Defence for Children Belgium, Defence for Children the Netherlands, PILnet and Terre des hommes Romania. The project’s main aim is to improve equal access to a lawyer for children suspected or accused of crime, through strengthening access to quality and specialized government-funded legal aid and pro bono legal assistance, in line with Articles 6 and 18 of Directive 2016/800/EU.


CLEAR-Rights seeks in particular to:


  1. Build the capacities and improve knowledge of legal aid and pro bono lawyers to provide child-friendly legal assistance to children in conflict with the law
  2. Establish a legal assistance network to match the legal needs of non-governmental organisations and children with legal aid and pro bono lawyers willing to provide legal assistance, as well as share promising practices related to providing legal assistance to children in conflict with the law
  3. Increase awareness of policy makers and service providers about legal aid and legal assistance for children in conflict with the law and benefit from a permanent legal assistance system


Aims of the Child Advisory Board

As part of the project’s Governance structure, a Child Advisory Board (CAB) comprised of 10 children and young people will be set up in France, Hungary and Romania. Its main role will be to:

  • help the implementing partner to 'youth proof' their materials, guidance and resources that will be developed for children and young people as part of this project
  • contribute ideas that will help the implementing partners to understand how to get the attention of and ‘speak to’ children and young people they are engaging with as part of this project
  • advise the implementing partners on the development of the consultation methodologies and training materials developed; and provide feedback and suggestions
  • develop child-led awareness raising and advocacy material to the attention of children, young people and the general public. The CABs will be provided a grant to develop their own messages and written, audio and video material as part of national awareness campaigns
  • act as a ‘test audience’ for the creative products, resources and materials that children and young people develop
  • take part in evaluation activities and exercises to gather feedback on the project

Membership of the Child Advisory Board

The CABs are composed of 10 children and young people. They should:

  • live locally in the implementing countries so that they can easily attend meetings[1]
  • represent the different experiences that children and young people have had for example, child victims, children in conflict with the law, children at risk, etc.
  • be an equal representation of boys and girls, as well as profile of children, those from ethnic communities and children with disabilities, and if possible, children that have been in the position of victim
  • be aged between 13-23 years old

Ethical considerations

In developing the CABs and facilitating the meetings, implementing partners should refer to and abide by the ethical protocol developed for the CLEAR-Rights project.  Implementing partners must risk assess every individual child and young person involved in the project (including those involved in the Child Advisory Board), to see whether their participation in the project is safe and that they can give informed consent to not only take part in the project but also consent to data collection elements of the project. Projects must go through informed consent procedures and if children are under the age of 16 years old, parental consent will also be required (parental consent is recommended regardless of the child’s age – please refer to the ethical protocol for further details).

Meeting schedule

CAB members will be invited to attend a minimum of one meeting between once a month and every 3 months throughout project implementation. The first meeting should take place the latest in May 2021. In addition, CAB members will be invited to participate in selected CLEAR-Rights project activities, mainly:

  1. 1 consultation workshop with children (June 2021)
  2. 2 regional advocacy events (one in 2021 and one in 2022)
  3. 1 national advocacy event per country (France, Hungary and Romania, dates to be confirmed in 2021 and 2022)
  4. 1 closing event (December 2022)



Terre des hommes – Romania is looking for an expert to facilitate the meetings organized for Child Advisory Board (CAB).


Summary of activities / tasks of the facilitator:

The facilitator will provide the services of facilitating the workshops with CABs (Child Advisory Board) within the CLEAR RIGHTS project having the following work tasks:

  • Development of materials (based on the thematics provided by Tdh) for workshops (1 day / workshop, 8 months) - 8 days in total.
  • Organization of 8 workshops (between May 2021 – November 2022) - 8 days in total.
  • Monthly preparation of the report of the workshops (8 meetings) - 8 days in total.
  • Write a detailed report reflecting the main findings during the facilitation sessions at the end of the project. The report should have approximately 5-6 pages long – 5 days. 

29 days in total. 


The package including CV and financial offer, can be sent electronically until March 28, at 9.00, to the following e-mail address:

Please read full Terms of Reference in the document attached below.


[1] These meetings are initially planned to be face-to-face, however they may happen online due to COVID-19 restrictions.