Ramona Surlea, winner of the title “Social Worker of the Year to combat discrimination against minorities”

On the evening of March 21, 2017, Ramona Surlea stepped on the stage of Romanian Athenaeum to receive the title of “Social Worker of the Year to combat discrimination against minorities”, awarded at the National Gala of Excellence in Social Assistance. With a great deal of joy and emotions, Ramona has sent a strong message about the importance of giving trust and empowering people  who belong to minorities, so that they will be inspired to become positive examples for their entire communities. Congratulations, Ramona! You are an example to us and we are proud to be your colleagues! Save Save

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“Let us be proud of European values” – Joint letter of more than 160 NGOs to EU leaders concerning migration issue

In the face of migration crisis, European leaders are at a crossroads and can still chose the path to walk on. However, their responses and reactions haven’t been well aligned with true EU values that all EU member states have adhered to. Rather than seek to protect people fleeing brutal wars, persecution, human rights violations, instability and extreme poverty, EU institutions have become preoccupied with stopping people reaching Europe and trying to quickly expel those who do. Only last week, European Commission recommended locking up child migrants while they or their parents wait to see if they have been granted asylum. Not only is forcibly detaining children never in the child’s best interests, it is in breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – a set of laws protecting children that every EU nation has signed up to. EU member states and institutions can either let fear erode the fundamental values they so often preach about yet practice less and less, or they can truly embody the principles the EU was founded on almost 60 years ago. Over 160 NGOs (including Terre des hommes) demanded European leaders take the second option today (8 March) and called […]

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